Chaos Games hosts Ravnica Allegiance Pre Release

1/19/2019 - 1/20/2019
- 5:00 PM

Chaos Games LLC 17 2nd Ave SE Unit C/D, Minot, ND 58701

Pre Release is upon us and we have a good schedule planned for all MTG players!! Chaos Games will host FIVE pre Release evens throughout the weekend. Schedule as follows:
- Saturday MIDNIGHT Sealed event
- Saturday NOON Sealed event
- Saturday 5PM Sealed event
- Sunday NOON Sealed event
- Sunday 5PM Two Headed Giant event

Each event will be $30 +tax except for the Midnight event, which will be $35 +tax. For the Midnight event, Chaos will have some food catered in for all participants!

Event and PRIZE structure:
Each of these events will either be three or four rounds of SWISS. Each player will receive at least one booster pack for completing at least one round of SWISS. For ever win beyond your first, you will receive an additional booster pack. Any person who goes undefeated gets an additional booster pack!

With the weekend being jammed full of events, Chaos wanted to offer what we call a “Gauntlet” package. This is a buy four get one FREE deal! This is exactly as it sounds! Buy into the first four events, $125 +tax, and get the final 2HG event for FREE!!!

Buy A Box promotion:
We will have booster boxes available, while supplies last, with the exclusive buy a box promo! We will only receive sixty of these promos though! So make sure you gets yours while you can!!!

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