Chaos Games hosts Tri City Legacy

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Chaos Games LLC 17 2nd Ave SE Unit C/D, Minot, ND 58701

The third installment of our Tri City Legacy events takes place in Minot North Dakota! We will jump right into it! Information about the event below:
When: January 12th 
- deck registration @ 11am
- Player’s meeting @ 11:50am
- Round 1 shortly after Player’s meeting. Roughly @ noon
- Chaos Games
- 17 2nd Ave SE Unit C/D Minot ND 58701
What: MTG Legacy
- X amount of SWISS rounds (based on attendance) 
- Cut to either top 4 or 8 (based on attendance 
Prize Structure:
- Guaranteed prize will be 1st getting a Sealed Mox Diamond in the FTV Relics. I have one sealed and I plan to let first place open it and take it for themselves. This will be guaranteed even if we only have TWO players show up! 😉
- Now if we can get at least 20 players, we will move that Mox Diamond down to second place and first will get either an Underground Sea or a Chains of Mephistopheles! 1st will get the privilege of choosing one or the other. 
- Rest of top 8 will be booster packs from current Standard sets! 
- Everyone will walk away with some kind of prize! Pity packs comes to mind! Potential door prize structure. 
Questions or concerns? Contact us directly through the Chaos Games’ FB page!! 

I personally will have some decks on hand to lend out. I will ask that you purchase a pack of KMC Hypermat Greens to resleeve the deck with! Also would love for you to have solid references if I do not know you. 

Decks I should have: 
- Elves
- Turbo Depths
- D&T
- Big Red
- Mono Green 12 Post

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