Dakota Chappy presents Frequency Single Release Party

12:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Dakota Square Mall 2400 10th St SW, Minot, ND 58701

Dakota Chappy is back at it again! Most know her as North Dakota’s Fashion Inventor, but she has been writing and recording music for over 20 years (well before the birth of the Total Tight). An unforeseen musical collaboration with comedian and camera man Daniel Kidd Robinson has resulted in her latest single release.

The song called "Frequency" is slated to be the song of the summer. The unforgettable hook plays out over an easy listening kinetic beat which gives it what Chappy refers to as "melodic glue", meaning it just stays in your head and you find yourself singing it without even realizing it. That, combined with an opening line of "Girl Behave" performed by Daniel Kidd Robinson (AKA Cashmere Kidd), and you have a track that is destined to claim its territory on playlists across the globe.

The track's true magic lies in the contrast of characters as the classic "opposites attract" love story plays out. "It's a journey from start to finish," says Chappy. "It still amazes me how the song starts out as an electronic pop song and goes Jamaican Dance Hall at the end. It really speaks to the raw talent of Daniel, as this is the first song he has ever worked on in any capacity and he absolutely killed it."

The duo will be celebrating the single's release on May 15th at 12:30 P.M. in the JC Penney court at Dakota Square Mall, Minot, ND. It will be a listening party, complete with cake and balloons and goods from Dakota Chappy. The venue is a bit unusual for a musical release but then everything about these two is unusual. As Chappy explains, "Being a thriving fashion designer in North Dakota is unusual, the way we dress is unusual, our humor is unusual. It's really the result of combining all of the things we love: fashion, music, and laughter, that makes our creations."

The song will be available for downloading and streaming on all digital platforms as well as available for purchase on CD that day. "This is all leading up to a bigger dream and vision for me," Chappy says. "We recorded a music video for this track in Las Vegas in February which will be making its debut digitally via social media in another unique upcoming premier where we will live stream the recorded video so we can watch it with our fans as they see it for the first time. I've attended many live concerts and thought to myself, the only thing that separates me as a fan from them is my position in the room... I want my business model to change that. I make music because it heals me and I share my music because I want to connect with people." Along with new song releases, collaborations, and music video premieres, she is now offering club hosting as a way to connect with fans. But as Chappy says, "That is another story, stay tuned, I'm always working."


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