Do-a-Dot Math, One to One Correspondence

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Nature's Nook 1700 21st Ave NW #b, Minot, 58703

Let’s have a math adventure. I thought it would be fun to set aside some time, on Thursday mornings, to explore math with our littlest customers. I know it will be a challenge to keep their attention while sitting in their favorite toy store. And, of course, we are limited to only 6 children. Please call ahead or reserve your seat early. We will try this out for one month and see how it goes. It's easy for kids, and adults, to see math as a school activity. We often think it's just about counting or adding or learning math facts. But how do our children understand the relationship between the number 1 and “just take 1 cookie?” It is one to one correspondence and I’m sure many of you do it naturally when you’re talking to your kids. Even at a young age, children are learning math through daily routines and activities. These early math concepts, like numbers and counting, can be fun to learn and they build a foundation for more complex mathematical processes in the future.


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