Minot 3rd Annual Food Truck Festival 2019

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Oak Park 1300 4th Ave NW, Minot, ND 58703

This is the third annual Minot Food Truck Festival!

Experience Oak Park at it's finest with live music, beer gardens, bouncy castles, fun activities, shopping, FOOD (of course), and more!

The festival is a fundraiser for the local non-profit organization, ND Strong. This organization is an educational 501(c)3 entity that provides film education for schools across the state of North Dakota.

Our goal with this event is to raise funds to allocate for local technology grants and opportunities for rural schools to have access to "The Film Dudes", our artists-residency initiative.


- General Ticket Admission: $5 Adults | $3 Students, Military, & Children | FREE for Children 3 & Under. NOTE, this admission DOES NOT cover charges for the food trucks, vendors, or activities. Cash or debit/credit cards will be accepted.

- Food Trucks: A list of our food trucks will be updated on this page as well as the official Minot Food Truck Festival Facebook page and website. Prices will vary with each food truck. Lines can be anywhere between 10-45 minutes so prepare appropriately!

- Bouncy Castles: There will be a $10 bracelet fee that gets your child an all-access pass to the bouncy castles. NOTE, depending on the weather, some of the castles may get warm with the sun. Please have your children dress accordingly to avoid skin burns. There will be a shaded area with picnic tables available for seating as well.

- Vendors: A vendor area will be setup with various shopping avenues and local assortments. Prices will vary with each vendor. No additional fees for this area for admission.

- Live Music: Live bands/artists will be performing throughout the day at the new amphitheater. A schedule will be posted as soon as the bands/artists confirm. Seating will be available to enjoy your food with the entertainment.

- Beer Gardens: Off The Vine will be providing a beer gardens area to the park for individuals 21 and older. Photo ID is REQUIRED to gain access to the area. ATM's will be available.

- Parking: Oak Park has recently gained additional parking at the main entrance parking lot. However, some of these spots will be reserved for our vendors. NOTE, parking will be LIMITED. You may have to park a few blocks away depending on the time of day you arrive. ANOTHER NOTE, please DO NOT park at the local business parking lots unless directed otherwise. We don't want to create any inconvenience to our fellow neighbors in the park.

- Transportation: As of now, we don't have a shuttle readily available. Other options would include Lyft, city transport, or walking.

- Navigation: As the event nears, we will include a map that will be available on our official Facebook page, Event page, and website. This map will help guide you to where you need to go on the day of the event.

- Sponsors: Please help us in thanking our sponsors for making this event possible for Minot. If you see someone from one of these organizations, say hello or give them a high five!


- Online Prepay: This option will NOT be available this year. However, we will be taking cash or debit/credit cards at the admission entrances.

- The Park: All current regulations at the park will be present on the day of the event. No animals/pets are allowed at the park outside of the regulated hours. Please make sure that trash gets thrown away to not only help volunteers after the event, but for the sake of the park.

- Don't Forget: The weather could be potentially warmer so remember to dress accordingly, wear sunscreen (if needed), drink lots of water, etc.

- For Your Convenience: Seating at the park is LIMITED. Feel free to bring picnic blankets, chairs, or any other appropriate means of comfort.

- Access: All are welcome to the event. Just an FYI. Some activities at the park may not be accessible to disabled folks with wheelchairs, crutches, etc. The trucks will be located at the top of the hill behind the old amphitheater and the vendors will be in the grass. Please feel free to ask a volunteer for assistance or additional information.

- Volunteers: Volunteers are always welcome! If you're interested in volunteering, please message us directly on our official Facebook page or email us at minotfoodtruckfestival@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read through the tips and additional information. These are based on questions that we have received in previous events. If you have any other questions, please message us directly on our official Minot Food Truck Festival Facebook page or email us at minotfoodtruckfestival@gmail.com


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