ND Right to Life Spring Banquet

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Grand Hotel 1505 N Broadway, Minot, ND 58703

We are excited to announce our keynote speaker for our 2019 Spring Banquet will be Brandon Buell.

BRANDON BUELL was born and raised in a conservative Christian home in a small town in Central Florida, it wasn’t until the birth of his son, Jaxon, that Brandon Buell truly recognized the purpose behind his lifelong Pro-Life belief and convictions.

Jaxon Buell, who’s story became known as “Jaxon Strong”, was born on August 27, 2014 in Orlando, Florida with an extreme and incurable neurological disorder. During the pregnancy, hope for Jaxon’s life was nearly impossible to find. Frequently, abortion was suggested by medical professionals and it was stated that Jaxon may live only a few weeks – if he were to even survive delivery – and he would be significantly limited in his abilities.

Through faith, Jaxon’s parents chose life for their son. Against the odds, he showed strength in return since the first time they held him. Jaxon is now four years old, and although the journey has not been easy, and his future is unpredictable, Jaxon has undoubtedly surpassed the expectations and his original prognosis.

Brandon decided to share Jaxon’s story publicly, believing that his son’s life was special, and that all lives have value and a purpose. On social media, Jaxon’s life has been followed by hundreds of thousands of people from every continent and his story has been featured in numerous major media articles around the world.

From the far-reaching impact that Jaxon’s life and story has created, Brandon has been blessed with the opportunity to become a Pro-Life published author and public speaker, delivering addresses and keynotes at various events including in Washington, D.C. and at the National Right to Life Convention on several occasions. Brandon has also met with members of the United States Congress to share the story of his son, and his Pro-Life stance. In recent months,

Brandon has joined Florida Right to Life as an At-Large Director and National Men for Life as their Vice-President as he continues his advocacy. Brandon boldly lends his voice – for the voiceless and for his son – from a father’s perspective, which he believes is imperative for the Pro-Life movement now and in the future.

Social - 6pm
Dinner & Presentation - 7pm

If you’d like to reserve seats for this year’s North Dakota Right to Life Spring Banquet, please send an email to director@ndrl.org or call (701) 258-3811. There is no cost to attend the banquet, but a request for a donation will be made.

Table Hosting:
We are currently looking for people to be table hosts at our banquets. Table hosts are responsible for filling a table of 8 and passing out information to their guests during the banquet. Please consider volunteering to be a table host for us.

Underwriting levels:
LIFESAVER: $1000+, Pre-banquet VIP reception with the guest speaker, company name or logo recognized in the program, NDRL’s website, and on the projector screen.
ADVOCATE: $500-$999, Company/name or logo recognized in the program, NDRL’s website, and on the projector screen.
SUPPORTER: $100-$499, company/name recognized on NDRL’s website, and on the projector screen.

***To help underwrite the banquet, or to be a table host (no cost) please contact director@NDRL.org or 701-258-3811***

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