Think&Drink - Call the Alewife: Women, Beer, and Social Change

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

The Tap Room 23 Main St S, Entrance is on the South Side of Building Facing 1st Ave Look for Black Awning, Minot, ND 58701

Think&Drink is a Humanities happy hour series that combines good conversation and great beer. Join our content experts for a dynamic dialogue set in a great local bar.

Few industries demonstrate shifting social attitudes towards "women's work" as well as the brewing industry does.For thousands of years and across a variety of cultures, ale production was considered the exclusive purview of women, crafted in small batches inside homes or small businesses.

Only relatively recently--with the widespread use of hops as a preservative--beer has become a lucrative, tightly-regulated, and male-dominated industry. In this talk, medieval historian Amy Nelson will lead us through a discussion about women in brewing, focusing upon the period of social change in the late medieval and early modern eras that experienced pronounced gendered shifts in beer production.

Together we will consider broader misogynistic attitudes regarding women and work that may still be present in our own communities and professional fields, and take a look at some present-day trends in craft brewing and beer consumption that may be signalling a more inclusive future for the brewing industry.

Discussion led by Amy Nelson

All tickets include one drink and snacks. All participants must be 21+

***Join us for THREE sessions and get an additional FREE drink***

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