Women's Clothing Swap

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Bible Fellowship Church 1720 4th Ave NW, Minot, ND 58703

It's time to clean out those closets and cupboards! Trade your unused items for some new ones--because one woman's "I never wear this" is another woman's treasure!

Drop off your stuff with me (Shar Carlson) between now and March 8th! We'll set up in the basement of Bible Fellowship the night before the swap, and doors will open on the 9th! (Send a message via Facebook to connect--at the top of the page, my profile is linked as the host! And you don't have to wait til March if you're cleaning out your closets--I'll take it off your hands as soon as you're ready. :)

Here's what we'll swap:

-Women's and children's clothing in good shape (no rips or major stains)
-Accessories (hats, jewelry, etc.)
-Bras in good shape*
-Unused (or hardly used**) and unexpired body products: soaps, shampoos, lotions, makeup, body washes, hairsprays, that perfume you tried once but just don't love, etc. (including samples and hotel-sized bottles!)

If you've been holding on to something that you just never wear, if you've been wishing it had a good home but know that home isn't your closet, or if you've been KonMari-ing your bedroom--this is the swap for you!

The swap is FREE and open to everyone!

*Even if you think "No one wants my bra!"--bring it! We'll donate any leftover bras to Free the Girls, a nonprofit that helps create safe jobs for survivors of trafficking in developing countries. www.freethegirls.org

**"Hardly used" = along the lines of, you used one squirt of a lotion bottle and decided you didn't like it--please, no half-used or old items!


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