Visit Minot Staff

The staff at our Visit Minot office is dedicated to making your trip to Minot warm and welcoming -- whether it is for just a few hours or an extended stay. Our Map Your Trip feature of the website can help you plan out your entire stay and our annual Minot Travel Guide offers you a complete listing of all the great things to enjoy while you're in the Magic City.

If there is something we can do to help you plan your next trip to Minot, please let us know -- we're ready for you.

Phyllis Burckhard

Executive Director

Contact Phyllis by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.

What I love about Minot

"As a lifelong resident of Minot, I’ve been an ambassador to this community my entire adult life.  Minot is a great place to raise a family and the people who live in this community are awesome.  The growth of Minot over the past few years has provided lots of opportunities to work, play and enjoy what Minot has to offer.  Discover the Magic of Minot!"

Rianne Kuhn

Director of Marketing and Communications

Contact Rianne by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.

What I love about Minot

“Minot reminds me of the city I grew up in!  I absolutely love how tightly knit the Minot community is! This amazing city is bursting with opportunity, and I love being able to experience all that the Magic City has to offer.  I love Minot, because it is very supportive in local endeavors and projects, and for me, coming to Minot was like going home.“

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Chad W. Wright

Director of Sales, Sports & Events

Contact Chad by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.

What I love about Minot

“Although I did not grow up in Minot, the city feels like home. I have always loved the people and the culture in the Magic City. I moved to North Dakota in 2013 to be closer to family and I have been well received by everyone in the community.  There is no question, out of all the places I have lived Minot is the best place to raise my son. The warm reception from the community has inspired me to take this position and share with others how nice the people of Minot are.”


2019 Board of Directors:

Executive Committee
Megan Laudenschlager – President, Representing Community at Large
Vance Castleman - 1st Vice-President, Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Josh Galloway - 2nd Vice-President, Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Randy Conway - Secretary/Treasurer, Representing Minot Area Businesses

Board Members
Jessica Ackerman – Representing Community at Large
Chuck Massey –  Representing Minot Area Businesses
Shannon Straight –  Representing Minot City Council
Lorena Starkey – Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Jesse Zwak – Representing Minot Area Businesses


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