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The Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot is open for winter hours for the first time in more than 30 years. During the winter, admission into the Zoo is about half price. At the zoo, you will see a variety of winter animals that thrive during the chillier months! Here are a few of our favorites.

Otters- Holly & Loki

Otter - Photo credit to Amanda ConeOtters are carnivorous mammals and they have very dense fur. In fact, otters can have up to one-million hairs per square inch. Their fur helps to keep them warm and survive the winter.  Visitors can see the otters enjoying the snow as they play. Many times you can catch them as they slither down the hill covered with snow on their bellies and scamper back up the hill for additional sledding.


Alaskan Brown Bear- Judy & SandyBears - Photo credit to Amanda Cone

Brown bears are omnivores and their forearms are strong enough to break apart animal bones with one simple swipe. Instead of hibernating, brown bears go into ‘torpor’, which slows their metabolism and heart rate so they can conserve energy. When you visit the Alaskan Brown Bear exhibit, you can see their massive claws! Their claws can grow up to 6 inches in length. These claws are always visible and are non-retractable. Brown Bears are out there during the winter and welcome visitors as they pace in their enclosure.


Reindeer- Lilly & Rose

Reindeer - Photo Credit to Amanda ConeReindeer have full coat and antlers. They are the only type of deer where both males and females have antlers. The thick fur covering their bodies help them to stay warm in cold weather. Reindeer have big, broad hooves protect them from slipping on icy grounds.  Lilly and Rose, are two of the current Reindeer on displays at the zoo. During the day, they enjoy activities often include playing with a bucket that is over-turned. Often, the females ring the bucket with their antlers like a dinner triangle.


Amur Tiger- Viktor

Amur tigers are active in the winter months. A layer of fat on their flanks and belly helps them to keep warm and conquer the cold. Viktor has extra fur on its paws to protect him from the snow. Visitors are likely to spot keepers working with this Amur Tiger year-round doing training programs. With a simple hand gesture from a keeper, the 700-pound tiger knows exactly where to put his giant paw.



Visit the Roosevelt Park Zoo and meet the animals during their winter hours!

Winter Hours:  Thursday – Saturday:  10 am – 3 pm
Sunday- Wednesday: Closed

The Zoo will open for their regular business hours on April 29. For more information check out their website:


Photo Credit- Amanda Cone

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