Charlie’s Main Street Café: The heart of Downtown Minot

If you truly know Minot, then you know Charlie’s. As one of the oldest restaurants in town, Charlie’s remains locals’ best kept secret. Charlie’s boasts no-nonsense, mid-western style food in the historic downtown Minot.

According to the owner/manager Tiffany Lee, about 75 percent of Charlie’s customers are regulars who have been frequenting the establishment for decades. How does the café keep customers coming back?

Outside Charlie's Cafe in Downtown Minot.

Outside Charlie’s Cafe in Downtown Minot.

Why locals love Charlie’s:

It all starts with the breakfast menu of which you simply pick between a #1 to a #15. One could pick a random number between the two and end up with a delicious breakfast, which is served all. day. LONG.

Charlie’s Café award- winning hot beef sandwich.

Charlie’s Café award- winning hot beef sandwich.

Charlie’s has received several awards from food contests: number one Hot Beef Sandwich in North Dakota for 2017, first place in a chili contest in Feb. 2017, and best brunch restaurant by Tasting Tables in ND for 2016.

Another featured menu item is Kuchen. Pronounced kü-kən, it is a German cake that the children of North Dakota have been eating at grandma’s house for generations. Charlie’s makes kuchen homemade, and it is worth a try if you want a literal taste of the state’s culture.

Charlie’s apricot kuchen with a fresh cup of joe.

Charlie’s apricot kuchen with a fresh cup of joe.

The Minot staple was renovated in 2012, when new owners took over the place. The dining area was updated, though the walls remain covered with historic pictures of North Dakota and decorated with cattail. How much more North Dakotan can you get?

As if the establishment was not prestigious enough, actor Josh Duhamel, Sen. John Hoeven, and Gov. Doug Burgum have all visited Charlie’s. If you don’t already order a #3 there every Sunday, you may need to start. Your Minot eatery tradition awaits.



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Charlie’s owner Tiffany Lee pictured above with (from left) North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, actor and Minot native Josh Duhamel, and ND Sen. John Hoeven.

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