The Buzz about Elevation

This gem of Minot is so well hidden, it won’t show up on a GPS. However, once the restaurant is found, a beautiful view and meal awaits.

Elevation offers incredible food with a breathtaking view. While looking over a beautiful, green, 18-hole course, you can enjoy fine-dining with a menu that still stays true to the area.

Dinner with a view.

Dinner with a view.

Elevation executive chef Barry Dick grew up in Harvey, North Dakota and continues to experiment and push himself when creating and recreating Elevation’s menu. Dick said a new menu comes out around every six months with creations that the staff work hard to come up with.

“The food is all fresh ingredients, and we are constantly thinking of new ideas to stay ahead of the game,” Dick explained.

Elevation's Flat Bread Lavosh.

Elevation’s Flat Bread Lavosh.

Dick got his start at his aunt and uncle’s restaurant in his hometown of Harvey North Dakota, and from there knew that the kitchen was where he wanted to be. The chef said that he keeps his experience of living in North Dakota in mind when creating dishes for the menu.

Dick’s favorite menu items are the filet and the chicken roulade. He said the chicken roulade, in particular, is unique to the area.

Though the restaurant is located at The Minot Country Club, you needn’t be a member to enjoy.

The restaurant’s decor is stylish and modern, and is equipped with a well stocked bar where you can expect specialty drinks that are hard to find anywhere else.

Modern style seating inside Elevation.

Modern style seating inside Elevation.

Victoria Coffel, Elevation’s general manager, said the the Hemlock was always a part of the Minot Country Club, Elevation decided to make it a signature drink in their honor.

The Hemlock is made from Avion Tequila, Cointreau, Pama Liqueur, orange juice and it is topped with a buzz button.

What is a buzz button? Good question. A buzz button is a tiny flower bud that is clipped to the top of the Hemlock–not for decoration, but for eating.


Elevation’s signature Hemlock topped with a buzz button.

Cofell explained how it works:  “Try the drink first, pop the button in your mouth, wait 30 seconds or so then take the drink again and it changes the flavor.”

The buzz button gives your mouth a similar sensation to Pop Rocks, the candy; it makes your whole mouth tingle giving the Hemlock an extra edge.

You can find the whole menu here: Elevation Menu

In three words, Coffel said Elevation is fresh, unique, and has beautiful views. Though that’s more than three words, it perfectly encompasses this Minot dining spot.

Elevation's Scotch Eggs.

Elevation’s Scotch Eggs.

Enjoy one of Elevation's Caesars.

Enjoy one of Elevation’s Caesars.


Elevation’s Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla.

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