Minot Area Council of the Arts

Minot Area Council of the Arts, also known as, MACA, is a local non-profit working to bring more art into Minot. Art is not just drawing or painting, but it is also music, writing, theater, and more. Art is how someone expresses themselves. 
MACA is an umbrella organization over all of the art programs in Minot and their job is to promote art. They provide programs such as Arts in the Park (which takes place every summer in Oak Park), Artists in the Schools, and the Minot Street Art Movement. 

Justin Anderson, the Executive Director of the Minot Area Council of the Arts. As the sole staff member, he works hard to promote the art in Minot. As Anderson said, “Minot has a lot of things to offer and a lot of things going on, people just need to know about it.”

Arts in the Park goes on every summer in Oak Park. There is live music from local artists every week throughout the season. The Artists in the Schools program is an educational program that brings hands-on art lessons, performances, and cultural heritage activities to schools and individual classrooms. Lastly, the Minot Street Art Movement works to promote walkability, urban vitality, and access to public art in Downtown Minot. 

A short-term goal MACA is working towards is getting the word out about the events they have and boost public knowledge about MACA. Art in communities boosts the overall quality of life and provides the opportunity for people of all ages to express themselves. MACA is working towards great things, and you need to keep your eye out for local art events in the future.

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