Bones Barbecue

Minot has a new barbecue restaurant with a sauce and a story you won’t find anywhere else. This is the story of Bones.

Jerome Lundeen has always been a sportsman, and would make his own meats. His sauce, however, took years to perfect. Lundeen said his special barbeque sauce close to what he wanted about a year and a half ago, when it finally hit him what it was missing. He went to the store, grabbed the secret ingredients, added it to his recipe and that was it. His sauce recipe hasn’t changed since.  Bones Barbecue
Lundeen is a self-trained member of the American Barbecue Association and has been catering for more than 15 years. Opening Bones was the logical next step for his business, and who better to open a restaurant with than your own son. Jonah Lundeen, Jerome’s son and business partner, was inspiration for the restaurant’s name as “Bones” was his nickname amongst the family when he was young.
Bones BBQ
Bones has a diverse menu, besides being a barbecue joint. For barbecue, you’ll find the usual suspects on a barbecue menu. Brisket, pulled pork, and delicious sausage. Bones also boasts burgers, sandwiches, salads, deserts
and an array of sides such as fried pickles. For a full menu listing see here.

“Everything is fresh, nothing is brought in frozen.” Lundeen said. Everyday fresh buns are made, fresh sausage is brought in, new batches of Lundeens special sauce are always brewing.Bones BBQ Burger

The sauce is available for purchase at bones, as well as the hot version, Bones XXX, so that once you fall in love with it at the restaurant, you can also enjoy it at home.

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