New Habitat for a New Century

The Roosevelt Park Zoo has offered enriching experiences to engage all people, all ages, and all abilities for generations. Overcoming two floods, the zoo has brought unique animals, exhibits, and experiences to the Minot. The Roosevelt Park Zoo gets over 90,000 visitors annually and 10,000 students through education and outreach programs. A zoo is a place unlike any other, and it is a fascinating place to learn about nature, different parts of the world, and wild animals.

Roosevelt Park Zoo is working on a Centennial Capital Campaign called ‘New Habitat for a New Century.’ This will focus on new habitats for the cats of the zoo; African Lions, Amur Tigers, Amur Leopards, and Snow Leopards.

The habitat the cats are in now is 43-years-old, and the Roosevelt Park Zoo wants the best for the animals under their care and their updated habitats will give them the best because they will be larger and more accommodating for each animal. Roosevelt is among only 23% of zoos in North America accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), which is the highest accreditation standard in the world. The AZA standards are ever changing and focus on operational viability, animal welfare, public education and conservation stewardship. Roosevelt Park Zoo will continue their improvement of animal welfare and other standards with these complex and modern designs for the large cats, in addition, these upgrades will provide the visitor’s a more unique experience.

The African Lions and the Amur Tigers will be getting completely new habitats, which will accommodate them to their countries of origin. The African Lion’s habitat will include heated rocks to make it warmer for them year-round. The habitat for the Amur Tigers will have shaded structures to cool them on hot days and water features to mimic the Amur River Valley. The Amur Leopards and Snow Leopards will stay in the location they are in now, but the 43-year-old habitat will get a complete renovation. They will share the space, but the Snow Leopards and Amur Leopards will be separated from each other. Each new home for the animals will have more things to stimulate the animals and educate them. The new habitats will include sections of glass panels to bring the visitor’s closer to the animals.

Leopard Habitat

Lion Habitat

Tiger Habitat

The new homes are not just a gift to the animals, but to the community of Minot as well. As a tourist destination in North Dakota, your investment in the zoo will help strengthen the local economy. The New Habitat for a New Century has the potential to bring more travel and tourism to the ‘Magic City.’

The project will cost $5.8 million, but with the help of the Minot community, they have already raised $3 million. Roosevelt Park Zoo will be able to break ground this month (April) and will have a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of May. The tiger and lion habitats will be completed before the renovations start on the leopard’s habitat. The three-phase project is projected to be completed by 2021, which is the year the Roosevelt Park Zoo turns 100-years-old. You can donate to a New Habitat for a New Century here.

The summer season for Roosevelt Park Zoo opens on Saturday, April 28.

Their summer hours are:

10am to 6pm (Weather Permitting)
Concessions open only on the weekends

June – August
10am to 8pm (Weather Permitting)

10am to 6pm (Weather Permitting)
Concessions open only on the weekends

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