Minot Farmers Market

The Minot Farmer Market has been in Minot for almost 50 years. The first year there was only about 5 vendors and they traveled around Minot looking for empty parking lots to set up shop. The next year they found their home in the Oak Park parking lot. The Minots Farmers Market had been at Oak Park for 49 years. This year they have moved across the street to the Oak Park Shopping Center, for the 2019 Farmers Market season, they will move back into the Oak Park parking lot, this year they are expanding the parking lot to fit more vendors than before.

The Minot Farmers Market offers all local products and produce. Vendors have baked goods, honey (Fun Fact: North Dakota produces more honey than any other state), produce, flowers, jams, jellies, pies, bath and body products, and every Norwegians favorite, lefse. The list goes on and on, the criteria to be apart of the Farmers Market is you have to produce the products you sell yourself, but anyone can join. 

The Minot Farmers Market bring something special to the community. It supports small and local businesses and brings people together. People can meet and talk with the people who own the business and made the products they are buying. Not only does the Minot Farmers Market bring fellowship, but it helps our local economy.

If you are interested in joining the Market for next year, they will be having a new vendor meeting in April of next year. The Minot Farmers Market will be open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 AM until October 30. You can learn more on their Facebook page!

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