Local Coffee Guide

You can get coffee almost anywhere you go, but the local coffee shops are where you find the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee.” —Buddy the Elf

Follow our guide of five local coffee shops to find your new favorite.

With Room Coffee

They specialize in hot and cold brewed coffee. Their many flavors come from the syrups that they make in house.

What makes them unique – They specialize in plants, yes, plants. They sell a variety of different plants, small, medium, and large. The plants are sold year-round, as well.


Kaffee Kiosk

The Kaffee Kiosk has multiple locations around Minot, which you can find here. They serve espresso drinks, cold drinks, and blended drinks like smoothies and frozen lemonades.

What makes them unique – They have a build your own oatmeal bar.

Daily Buzz

They have a large selection of drinks with over 30 syrup flavors that you can customize. The Daily Buzz also has specials everyday and very affordable prices.

What makes them unique – They serve White Coffee, which originates from the Pacific Northwest. The White Coffee has 30% more caffeine, but it is less acidic so it doesn’t upset your stomach or stain or teeth.

Broadway Bean & Bagel

Broadway Bean & Bagel serves breakfast and lunch with many choices of bagels and coffee. Their menu offers dozens of different bagel options for anytime of the day.

What makes them unique – They roast all of their own coffee beans in-house.

Black Iguana

Inside of Margie’s Art & Glass Studio, the Black Iguana has a large selection of drinks with options for their vegan and gluten-free customers.

What makes them unique – The smoothies Black Iguana makes are 100% fruit.

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