Grab a Sweet Treat in Minot

It’s doesn’t matter the time of year; there is always room to fix that sweet tooth craving. Summer is great for those cold treats, fresh baked goods take away the morning or winter chill, and candy will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Minot has four locations that offer a unique twist on classic creations, from the only rolled ice cream parlor in the city to homemade cruffins from a locally owned company. These spots offer a unique and sweet craving with a one-of-a-kind twist that you can’t find anywhere but the Magic City.

Two Tasty Cold Creations

All Rolled up

All Rolled Up is located in the Dakota Square Mall and is Minot’s only rolled ice cream parlor! With creations created on a frozen griddle, they can make custom and signature dessert treats in all shapes and sizes. rolled ice cream creators will pour the custard on the griddle, then cut it so it freezes (and write messages or draw things on the ice cream for the kids). They also have edible cookie dough and signature teas to go with over 10 specialty rolled ice cream flavors!

Unique item to try: Oreo Extreme Signature Rolled Ice Cream (2)

Magic City Sweets can be found in downtown Minot and is a great place to take the entire family! With an 80’s/90’s nostalgic feel, this retro spot will serve up any custom design right in front of you. Featuring Cedar Crest Ice Cream and a social area inside the shop, over 16 unique flavors and an arcade-style area will keep you and the whole family coming back for more! They also do special flavors by request (and stock), and also feature beverages, ice cream/pastry sandwiches and colored waffle cones.

Unique item to try: Dragon Fruit Sherbet with Mango

Delicious Freshly Baked Duo

Minot’s Daily Bread is a locally owned and operated. Located on Broadway, they offer EIGHT different crepe flavors, plus dozens of other pastries and fresh drinks: including cruffins! Take it from us – if you haven’t had a cruffin, you haven’t lived. At four dollars a cruffin, it’ll be the best money you’ve spent on a pastry. Be sure to get here early before the cruffin flavors are gone each day, they go fast after a 6:30 am opening every day but Sundays!

Unique item to try: Blackberry Cruffin (flavors change daily)


Locally owned since 2014, the freshly made scones from Prairie Sky Breads are (in a word) – AMAZING. One unique twist that makes this hometown-run spot so unique is that they have TEN main flavors and almost FIFTY total scone choices during the year; plus they continue to create more tastes for your palate to try! Their fresh selection of other baked goods will have you coming back at any time of the year.

Unique item to try: Piña Colada (changes every day)

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