62 Doors

62 Doors is an art gallery and studio. Local artists use the studios there for personal and business use. Their art isn’t just painting on a sheet of paper, artists carve things, sew things, and hammer things. They are free to be creative geniuses.

62 Doors was started by a small group of artists in the summer of 2005. The walls of the space consist of doors salvaged from an old barn and also from the top floor of the ArtMain building downtown. These walls are where the name “62 Doors Gallery and Studios” originated because there is actually 62 doors in the entire space.

62 Doors currently has 8 individual studios, a printmaking and art facilities studio, a public gallery, and a commons area with a kitchen and living room.

62 Doors studio renters work collaboratively to put together themed gallery exhibitions featuring art from local and regional artists, with receptions that are open to the public with most pieces of art for sale.

Two of the artists who have studios at 62 Doors are Alyssa and Dan Sharbono. They believe that their shows and exhibits make the local art community stronger. They see artists of all ages submit their art into the shows. They are involved with the downtown community and collaborate with other local businesses.

A themed show they just recently had was called “Folk It.” The artwork was inspired by folk designs and techniques. They had another show in 2017 called “Upcycle” which means you take something that you might throw away and make something out of it. The themes at 62 Doors are always changing and new art is always shown. It is fascinating to see how the theme is interpreted by different artists.

62 Doors is open every Saturday. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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