And the Winners Are?

We had four great responses for winning tickets to 57th Annual Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo.  So we waved our magic wand and decided to give away four sets of tickets instead of three. The winners can pick up their tickets at the Minot CVB Thursday and Friday from 8am-5pm.  Please bring a photo ID when picking up your tickets.  Thank you an have a great time at the rodeo!

Tonya Pearson:

The thing I love most about the Y’s Men’s Rodeo is the American patriotism, the spirit, the passion and the honor of the Old West. Prayers are said out loud, a place to meet old friends and see all the cute little boys and girls dressed in their cowboy boots and hats.


I’m not from Minot but visiting my girlfriend that goes to University here. I’ve visited numerous times and love coming here every time not because i get to see my girlfriend but also because its a beautiful city and people here have that small town friendliness. Its hard to believe that there was a natural disaster that happened in such an amazing city. Its nice to see the city of Minot is getting back on there feet and rebuilding this magic city. What better way to distract yourself from theses stresses in life then going to the rodeo with family and friends. My favorite event at the rodeo is the bull riding, nothing like a cowboy showing a bull whose boss. I love the magic city!


The Y’s Men’s Rodeo is an all round good time! Thank you Y’s Men. AND BY THE WAY, love the commercials on TV too….

Ursie Smith:

We love the bull riding most of all. Growing up it was always something that my dad and I would go and watch together, and now that I have kiddos they love to go to the rodeo and watch all the fun action (and eat tons of snacks)!!


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