Berry Acres Fall Fun

Happy Fall Y’all!

Berry Acres is gearing up for one of their best seasons yet! With the classic pumpkin festivities to a new zip-track, Berry Acres is ready for fall and you.

Berry Acres continues to maximize the fun by adding new fall festivities, this year’s newest addition is three zip-traks. The zip-trak is similar to a zipline.

The cable runs along a slightly curved metal track which allows for smooth cruising back and forth on the line.  Two of which are full size for older children and adults to enjoy with a round base to sit on and a rope to hold on to. Not wanting anyone to miss out Berry Acres created a third zip-track for younger children, that has a safety seat to make sure they are able to join in on all the fun.

Berry Acres also offers lots of other fun activities for all ages, a favorite of the children includes several slides and

corn “sand” boxes. A creative spin on sandboxes, of course in the spirit of fall, corn boxes are fun ways to incorporate the fall festivities to a classic children’s adventure.  If your child plans to dive in and build his own corn fort, bring some wipes to clean their hands, the corn can be a bit dusty.  Just a short walk from the corn out is the peddling carts. These go-kart style carts allow for fun competitive family racing. The carts are both large and small allowing for children to get in on the action with their parents.

Who doesn’t love animals? Berry Acres features Rocky Top Ranch Petting Zoo, which includes, sheep, chickens, goats, a miniature donkey, and even an alpaca. An opportunity to interact with furry friends is just a small fee but is a pumpkin patch must.  Upon exiting the petting zoo, be sure to use the hand sanitizer which is provided on the table.

A classic pumpkin festivity is the 8- acre corn maze which this year features the Trinity Health logo. Stroll through this beautiful and bountiful corn maze to enjoy the corn harvest and crisp fall air but pay attention…. this course loops in and out of itself making it a fun family challenge.  Should you be traveling with younger children, you can push a stroller or pull a wagon through the maze, the dirt pathway is fairly even and free of bumpy layers.

Enjoy a pumpkin patch favorite, a leisurely hayride to see all the beautiful surrounding fall foliage and enjoy the classic fall scents. Berry Acres collection includes, small to extra-large pumpkins, gourds, and corn. With many picturesque photos ops around the pumpkin patch, Berry Acres also has a few designated picture spots, including old school farm trucks, hay bales, pumpkins with a background of the patch. A perfect place to capture those family moments.

A unique feature of Berry Acres is the catch and release fishing pond. Nestled inside the pumpkin patch is a small pond, with fishing poles for use, you can enjoy the outdoors by fishing during your time at the patch.

While visiting, you will hear loud bursts of air due to this fun activity: their pumpkin cannons and slingshot.  The pumpkin cannons for a $5 fee will all participants to launch 3 small pumpkins toward targets, signs and a pumpkin man in the field.  Who doesn’t love to huck a few pumpkins and watch them smash?!


Each year Berry Acres has an artist come and paint large bales of hay, in conjunction with a theme. This year’s theme is… TOY

STORY! Including characters such as, Buzz, Woody, Forky, Slinky, Bullseye, and Jessie.

With so much to offer Berry Acres will be a highlight of your fall activities, make sure to find a keepsake at their gift shop that includes local pieces and Pride of Dakota goodies. Come out and enjoy all the fall-tastic fun!



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