Heilman’s Performance LLC

Heilman’s Performance is a Strength and Conditioning Venue in Minot, ND. It is owned and operated by Caleb Heilman. We offer individual assessments and programs that are unmatched by any other program in the Magic City. Heilman’s Performance will specialize in performance-based group training but also will offer Personal Training packages and a small membership to those who are interested. Minot is in desperate need of a training program run in a professional and organized fashion and Heilman’s Performance aims to do just that.

The Hittrax allows people of all ages to take our favorite game indoors. From Slowpitch to baseball everyone can hit at their favorite big-league stadiums across the globe. Teams can sign up for head-to-head competition or choose to play one-sided games where your team gets to hit the entire time.

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Phone: (701) 852-2937
Website: http://www.heilmansperformance.com/