Lets Destroy It!

“First and foremost, we are a veteran-owned and operated company. We feel that there are a lot of people who need an outlet from family, work stress, or just want to have another fun activity to do. There are a lot of people who work out every day or pray or meditate, or go to the gun range however we provide the opportunity you might like to break stuff. That first time you smash a bottle, you’ll just get it.” 

We provide a safe environment where customers wear personal protective equipment, sign a waiver, and must adhere to all safety and security rules prior to entry. 

Booking a schedule online is fast and easy.

Customers get the opportunity to smash household and office equipment (ie printers, copiers, printers, coffee pots, glass items, and more)

We accept kids ages 6-18 with parents or guardians present. 20-30 minutes time slots.

Several packages to choose from for all different ages.

2 rooms to choose from where we can fit 4-5 people inside safely.

They provide the opportunity for companies to schedule with us for “Team Building”

Simply a way to have fun and bring the community closer. Great way to have a date night

PHONE NUMBER: (701) 340-7866

WEBSITE: https://letsdestroyit.com/