Visit Minot Staff


The staff at our Visit Minot office is dedicated to making your trip to Minot warm and welcoming — whether it is for just a few hours or an extended stay. Our website can help you plan out your entire stay and our annual Minot Travel Guide offers you a complete listing of all the great things to enjoy while you’re in the Magic City.


If there is something we can do to help you plan your next trip to Minot, please let us know. It’s time to make plans!

Executive Director

Stephanie Schoenrock

Contact Stephanie by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.


What I love about Minot

I’m a North Dakota girl and Minot has been my home for over 20 years. For me, Minot is the perfect size community. It’s small enough so I can get to any place in town within 15 minutes but large enough to have access to excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options. I love the grit that the people of Minot have! We are a resilient community that has survived and thrived through some tough times. The future is bright in Minot and I’m grateful to call it home.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Rianne Kuhn

Contact Rianne by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.


What I love about Minot

“Minot reminds me of the city I grew up in!  I absolutely love how tightly knit the Minot community is! This amazing city is bursting with opportunity, and I love being able to experience all that the Magic City has to offer.  I love Minot, because it is very supportive in local endeavors and projects, and for me, coming to Minot was like going home.“

Director of Team Events and Meetings

Alex Harrom

Contact Alex by email, or call us at 701-857-8206.


What I love about Minot

“I have lived in Minot twice now for a combination of 13 years and it is home to some of my favorite memories. There are many parts to my personality and this city has supported each one. I had the great opportunity to play hockey growing up and being apart of the MHS Girl’s hockey program as well as playing for the Minot State University Women’s hockey team in college. The arts community here has also allowed me to meet some incredible creative individuals and grow my interest in the arts. This city has so much to offer and I hope everyone has an opportunity to see for themselves just how wonderful Minot is.”

2021 Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Josh Galloway – President, Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Randy Conway – 1st Vice-President, Representing Minot Area Businesses
Amanda Shappell – 2nd Vice-President, Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Megan Laudenschlager – Secretary/Treasurer, Representing Community at Large


Board Members

Jessica Ackerman – Representing Community at Large
Chuck Massey – Representing Minot Area Businesses
Gabriel Meija – Representing Minot Motel/Hotel Association
Paul Pitner – Representing Minot City Council
Jesse Zwak – Representing Minot Area Businesses