Paved trails and off-road adventures await!

Black Butte Adventures | 35 Minutes from Minot 
Trail | 5 Miles or 8 Kilometers
Located on a working cattle ranch, Black Butte Adventures has over 500 acres of rolling hills and native prairie short grass. Pedal your way across the prairie on the trails spanning more than 5 miles. Just a few miles from US-52 , Black Butte features wide-open views that may include some critters who call it home.  

Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery | 50 Minutes from Minot 
Trails add up to 3.3 miles or 5.3 kilometers of graveled pathways. One loop is called the Hatchery Loop and the other is the River Loop. The Hatchery Trail Loop is 1.3 miles or 2.1 kilometers and connects to the River Loop. Also check out the Wetlands Trail Loop and the Lewis and Clark Trail Loop when you visit Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery.

Fort Stevenson | 50 Minutes from Minot 
Visitors can rent Fat Tire Bikes by the hour or the day at Fort Stevenson State Park

Audubon National Wildlife Refuge | 50 Minutes from Minot 
Prairie Nature Trail | 1 Mile or 1.6 Kilometers
Begin your journey through Audubon at the north end of the visitor center on the Prairie Nature Trail. The beginning of the path is paved with the half-mile extension of gravel tying back to the paved portion. The trail is appropriately named with an abundance of nature including waterfowl, red fox, sharp-tailed grouse and hundreds of other species.  

Lake Sakakawea State Park | 1 Hour from Minot 
Take in the North Country National Scenic Trail. Lake Sakakawea State Park has beautiful multi-use trails. 

Lake Metigoshe State Park | 1 Hour 40 Minutes from Minot 
The trails at Lake Metigoshe State Park are separated into East and West loops which all lead back to the Warming House Trailhead. Our tip, remember your bug spray.

The East loops around Lake Metigoshe allow for hikes up to a range of 8 miles or 12.9 kilometers. 

The West loops around Lake Metigoshe trails are slightly shorter but still great hikes. 

Built in 1974, this was North Dakota first National Recreation trail. The trail takes roughly 2 hours to hike and is 3 miles long or 4.82 kilometers, however, there are two loops in this trail system which allow the hiker to pick a shorter or longer hike. The trail brochure illustrates all the wildlife that can be seen while walking and indicates the vegetation surrounding the trail as well. 

Paved Trail
Running Parallel to the Lake Loop Road, this 11-mile (17.7 kilometers) loop is easily accessed from the park entrance. 

International Peace Gardens | 2 Hours from Minot 
The International Peace Gardens are one of the most precious locations within our driving area. The Gardens boast year-round activities including hiking trails around the plot of neutral territory. The Peace Gardens are considered neutral territory between the two countries, allowing for a truly unique experience. When you head to the Peace Gardens, it’s important to remember that you exit the United States, but you don’t actually enter into Canada, so we recommend traveling with a Passport and bringing in a picnic lunch. 

The Peace Gardens features several hiking trails around the grounds that are suitable for hikers at all skill levels. The trail systems are throughout the vast wooded areas, near beautiful lakes, and next to picnic areas where hikers can take a break during their trek. 

On the Peace Garden map, hikers will be able to follow their trail systems and chose which locations to break at.  Here are a couple of our favorite trails: 

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