Cash Wise

More than 600 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables harvested with peak-of-the-season freshness and flavor. Also available is a large selection of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables made fresh daily and a large selection of organic produce.
Full-service Meat Case with a Premium Certified Hereford Beef 100% Pure ground beef, chuck and round program, Farmland All-natural No-solutions-added Pork, and Gold’n Plump Fresh Grade A Poultry. The Meat department uses state-of-the-art flavor sealed beef and pork packaging technology to maximize freshness. It also offers ready-to-prepare meals-in-minutes entrees, including premium marinated beef, pork and poultry, kabobs, beef patties, and brats, all perfect for grilling. Also available is a full selection of Cash Wise Signature Smokehouse Meats, including old-fashioned smoked hams, bacon, sausages, brats and more. A full-service Fresh Seafood program is also included in the Meat department.
Full-service Deli complete with Cash Wise Signature whole-roasted rotisserie chicken, hot soups, golden-fried chicken, Cash Wise Fresh Pizza and more. Also available is a wide variety of pre-sliced meats and cheeses, and fresh garden and pasta salads.
Bakery featuring oven-fresh breads and rolls, artisan breads, Ciabatta rolls and Parisian French bread. Also available are freshly baked muffins, cookies, bars, old-fashioned pies, and cakes decorated by hand or with photo imaging. The Bakery also specializes in Cash Wise Signature M&M Cookies.
Bulk Foods carries more than 500 different products such as pastas, dried fruits, granola, cereal, candies and even pet foods and treats. There are conventional and organic offerings. The Bulk Foods department aims to offer products that are five percent less expensive than the cheapest option on the shelves. It allows customers to try something new by purchasing a small quantity, or purchase large quantities of their products, as well.
Cash Wise Liquor, conveniently located right next door to Cash Wise Foods, which measures 8,300 square feet, is complete with a vast selection of liquor, wine and beer.


3208 16th St SW, Minot


(701) 852-4420

Open 24 hours.


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