Don’t Let the Flood Keep You Down.

The past few weeks in the Magic City have been extremely hard on the citizens, visitors, and friends and family of our great community.  It is important for us to keep our heads high and remember all the great things there are to do in Minot while we wait to get back into our homes.  You can check out some of our great parks that are still high and dry such as: Radio City Park, 11th and 11th, Polaris Park, and the Soccer Complex and don’t forget the Scandinavian Heritage Park.    Our how about a trip to the Dakota Square Mall for some shopping and while you are they catch a movie at Carmike Cinemas.    You could spend an afternoon shopping in Downtown Minot.    Make sure to stop in at great stores like Gourmet Chef, La Di Da, Esoterica, and have a sweet treat at Cookies for you.  The possibilities of downtown shopping are endless.   You can have  great dinner out at one of our great restaurants like the Badlands Bar and Grill, Ruby Tuesdays, or Michael’s.  Please check out our website for  a full listing on restaurants. The Magic of Minot is the people that support our community.  Let’s all keep that Magic going while we continue to rebuild our wonderful city.

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