Bosom Buddies Monthly Meeting

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

12 S Main St Ste 14 Minot, ND

Please join us for our monthly breastfeeding support meeting. We are here to connect with other moms and to support each other. This is a great opportunity to do that first dreaded solo outing with your little one or to test nursing in public. Come as you are. Late comers are always welcome. Bring your lunch, nurslings and their siblings. Don't worry about the chaos. We have all been or currently are in your shoes. 

We will have the scale for weighted feedings.

NEW LOCATION: No signage is on the building, but enter the door with the KW Realty sign (building with tinted glass front). Go through the two doors and to the elevator on your right or the stairway to the left. Studio is located in the basement/lower level.

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