Chaos Games hosts Chaotic Clash

12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Chaos Games LLC 17 2nd Ave SE Unit C/D, Minot, ND 58701


Herro Errybody! We are back. Gonna be an exciting Clash to kick off the year. We will have our usual Smash Singles, Smash Doubles, and Tekken 7 tournaments this time around.

The Chaotic Clash Event Schedule will be listed below. Note that these times may be subject to change.

~12:00PM~ Venue & Registeration Desk Opens
~2:00PM~ Smash Doubles Tourney Starts
~4:00PM~ Smash Singles Tourney Starts
~6:00PM~ Tekken 7 Tourney Starts

We will try to stick as close to these time slots as possible. To help keep with schedule, you can pre register and be at the venue with ample time prior to the event starting.

This will be a BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller) event. We will have controllers at the event, but they will be at varying costs based on the controllers.

For more in depth info about the Events and rules please visit our tournament page at

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