Chaos Games hosts Eternal Weekend

10/26/2019 - 10/27/2019
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Chaos Games LLC 17 2nd Ave SE Unit C/D, Minot, ND 58701

ND’s Eternal Weekend!
This event will be held at Chaos Games in Minot, North Dakota starting Saturday, October 26th! We will be doing TWO premiere tournaments over the weekend. Saturday will be a Modern 1k event, and Sunday will be Minot’s Tri-City Legacy event. Details for each event are below.

Modern 1k
- Oct 26th
- Entry Fee: $35.00
- Registration (Decklists required) @ 11am
- Round 1 start time NOON
Prize Breakdown is as follows:
- 1st: $560.00
- 2nd: $200.00
- 3rd/4th: $50.00
- 5th/8th: $35.00
The above CASH prize is GUARANTEED no matter how many entrants we get. Prize will increase based on attendance beyond 32 players.

This event will be a competitive REL event and we will have a Level One Judge at the minimum, but we currently have a L2 lined up.

Tri City Legacy
- Oct 27th
- Entry Fee: $25.00
- Registration (NO Decklists) @ 9am
- Round 1 start time 10am
Prize Breakdown is as follows:
- 1st: Underground Sea
- 2nd: Modern Horizons Box
The above prize pool is GUARANTEED no matter how many entrants we get. Rest of Top 8 and any increased prize pool will be based on attendance beyond 20 players.

We will be running side events all weekend! We’re looking at having Modern, EDH, Legacy, and potential booster drafts! Each constructed event will be $5.00 entry fee with a winner take all store credit prize! Draft events will be based on what set we do! Standard sets will be a $10.00 draft. Modern Horizons draft will be $25.00 with the winners getting promo packs as prizes!!! All events are fire on demand!

****If a player wants to play in BOTH the Modern 1k and the Tri City Legacy, they can pay a $50.00 for both! ****

The goal for this weekend is to continue to push our Legacy agenda, but also being that “States” feel back to ND. We have some talented MTG players here so let’s have a great turnout!

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