Minot Zero Waste Week

2/23/2020 - 2/29/2020
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Various businesses throughout Minot, ND


Join other members of our community as we work to raise awareness and become better about reducing and reusing!  #nobodysperfect #givingitatryanyway #zerowasteweekminot

Week Long Activities:
-Use your reusable travel mug or drink cup at Broadway Bean & Bagel Co. any time this week and earn $0.25 for three great local non-profits.  At the end of the week, BBB will double anything we raise!!!

-Stop in at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores on Broadway, mention "Zero Waste Week" and save 20% on all previously loved goods!! (Minot location only)

-Share photos of your Zero Waste efforts using the hashtags:
#nobodysperfect #givingitatryanyway #zerowasteweekminot
and be entered to win two free reusable bread bags for Prairie Sky Breads Minot!!

- Amanda's Kitchen Remedies will be providing free reusable water bottles throughout the week.  The first chance to get one will be Sunday, Feb. 23 at Broadway Bean and Bagel from 12-3pm.  Stay tuned for later opportunities!

Our schedule for the week includes:
-Feb. 23 - Skip the Sack Sunday - get a free reusable shopping bag at a local grocery store (TBD) courtesy of Farmers Insurance Miranda Schuler Agency (while supplies last).  And remember, some things (like the one small item you just purchased and don't need a plastic bag to carry back out to your car) don't need to be bagged. :)

-Feb. 24 - Refill, Refuel Monday - bring that reusable coffee mug or beverage cup in to Broadway Bean & Bagel Co. and raise money for local non-profits.  That coffee isn't a splurge - it is for a good cause!! :)  Domestic Violence Crisis Center Companions for Children - Youth Mentoring Minot Symphony Orchestra

-Feb. 25 - On Tap Tuesday - stop in at Main Street Booch (kombucha tea), Souris River Brewing, or Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks to fill up a reusable glass growler and avoid cans, bottles, cups, and straws altogether!  It costs a bit more, but is an investment in our future!

-Feb. 26 - Water Bottle Wednesday - Grab the refillable water bottle and just say no to purchasing bottled water!  It's one day - you can do it!!  You don't have one?  Get one from Amanda's Kitchen Remedies sometime this week!

-Feb. 27 - Thrifty Thursday - give those previously loved items a good home.  Out of fashion?  Just wait a year! (fanny packs...need I say more?...)  The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Stores is offering 20% of all items this week when you mention "Zero Waste Week"!! (Minot location only)

-Feb. 28 - National Skip the Straw Day - Take the family and friends out to lunch or dinner and start your order with "No straw please."  Double bonus points for supporting our great local restaurants!

-Feb. 29 - Don't Nix It, Fix It!! - Bring those broken small appliances, casual jewelry, and knick-knacks down to the Repair Fair at the Minot Public Library from 10am-12pm noon and let our repair wizards see if they can get it back to working order.  No items larger than a bread box and no gasoline, oil, or chemicals.  No guarantees!

(Special thanks to Wear it Boldly for the amazing graphic work!!)

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