FREE is our favorite word

“The best things in life are free”…And who doesn’t love FREE?! Minot has so many outdoor activities and community events that often cost little to nothing for a fun-filled day. These activities don’t require any dough at all!

Visit all 5 Scandinavian countries in one park!
Many of the ancestors in this region came from Scandinavian countries which include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It’s always free to walk around the park and delve deeper into the historical figures, buildings, and customs. Or, step inside the Gol Stave Church in these 360-degree photos and tour the park virtually!

Free Events = Free Fun!
Many events come with zero admission fees! Search for “FREE” on the events calendar and find similar events to attend. Some of our favorite free events include movies in the park and arts in the park. There’s free admission at the pool day and there will be a free zoo day do-over as well. Watch the calendar for upcoming events and make sure to attend all the free fun happening in Minot!

Street Art Stroll
Don’t miss the Magic Alley on your way through downtown’s vibrant art scene. Hidden in the alleyways are giant murals that we can’t help but admire! Visit all 18 murals and check them off your list. Make sure to grab the map at the visitor’s center or click here for your guide to Minot’s street art.

Explore the great outdoors
We are surrounded by nature that provides endless activities for no cost at all. The trails are perfect for observing local birds or simply getting some fresh air while you walk or bike. Minot’s parks have even more chances for fun with basketball, tennis or sand volleyball courts, disc golf courses, and plenty of open space to catch sun rays!

Cooldown at the Splash Pads
Bring the kids to play in the water for free at Minot’s splash pad locations. While they’re meant for all ages, the location at Radio City Park is especially geared towards the younger kids. Oak Park is the second location where you can burn off some energy and is great for bigger kids! Don’t forget the sunscreen and a towel when you are at the Splash Pads.

Catch a Painted Pony
What started as a fundraiser by Easter Seals has remained a sight-to-see in Minot for over a decade. The fundraiser included 30 life-sized fiberglass horses up for auction, all painted with different themes by various artists. A few horses stayed in Minot including Painted Ponies at the Roosevelt Park Zoo by the Discovery Barn, Homesteader’s Restaurant, or downtown at Bray’s Saddlery. Snap a photo of each Painted Pony you find when you start your Painted Pony adventure!

End the day with a beautiful view
One thing North Dakota is never lacking…the most colorful cotton-candy sunsets. Each one features unique blends of colors and they seem to only get more beautiful! Sit at the top of one of Minot’s hills or head to the edge of town and watch the sun go down. Sunsets create gorgeous paintings in the sky, just another form of art in the ‘Magic City’.

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