Full STEAM Ahead

STEAM’s mission is to provide cultural enrichment to the children of the Minot area though enjoyable exciting and creative experiences. They focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Before the formation of STEAM, there were a few programs that helped them become what they are today. Some of those programs are MASK theater, Kid’s Clay, and Minot Robotics.

MASK is a flagship organization. It is a children’s theatre that started in the Fall of 2015. Their start was with 30 kids in the basement of a local school and it has only grown.

MASK Theater

Then, STEAM expanded to Kid’s Clay. It started as a one-time event, but it was such a hit they turned it into a weekly program. STEAM has offered a variety of other workshops and camps such as Magic Classes, programming workshops, and others. The Fall of 2017 brought a new adventure for STEAM. They were approached to expand the number of FIRST Lego League Lego robotics teams in Minot. This is when we started Minot Robotics and grew their nonprofit into Full STEAM Ahead. Minot robotics had 14 teams this past season.

Kid’s Clay

The people behind STEAM were inspired by the kids to create these programs. They now offer chess camps, programming camps, tea parties, t-ball, and kickball. 

Goat Yoga!

STEAM focuses on programs that children can lead. That allows them to participate and create the story, the robot, or the art project. This is to expand the horizons of the children so they can try new things.
After learning about STEAM, you’re probably wondering, “Where do I sign my kid up?”
You can find information about all of these programs on their website, steamnd.org. You can check out their Facebook pages as well, Make a Scene Kids Theatre, Full STEAM Ahead, Kid’s Clay, Minot Robotics, Minot 3-6 Year Old t-ball, Minot Youth Kickball.
STEAM believes in fundraising by bringing new events to the community. Their 3-6-year-old T-ball league is their largest fundraiser with over 550 kids anticipated for the 2019 summer. They have workshops, classes, and camps.

Check out STEAM and all the great things they provide to the Minot community! They have events going on all the time, don’t miss out.

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