Happy New Year!

As Christmas has passed us and the year 2011 is drawing to a close.  I think everyone in our wonderful city is taking a deep breath and exhaling.  It is no secret the year 2011 brought challenges to Minot that no one could have predicted or prepared for.  We were knocked down but we were far from being knocked out.

We are rebuilding the Magic with every new front porch light that comes on in a rebuilt neighborhood and with every Christmas tree lit up in the window of a renovated home.  It comes with every reopening business.   We are coming back day by day and week by week.

The Minot CVB would like to take this time to say Thank you.  Thank you to  the citizens of Minot.  Thank you for being an example of what the Magic of Minot is all about.  Thank you to our friends from all over the United States and thank you to our neighbors to the North for your thoughts, prayers and endless support.

It seems that most of us are happy to see 2011 exit and a new year enter.  Let’s not forget the great things that 2011 showed us.  The people of our community are strong and in the face of adversity we stand tall and push forward.   Have happy and prosperous New Year from the staff at the Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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