Jimmy John’s and the “Hulk”


I needed to find  a restaurant to start off our first lunch article but I didn’t have to time to sneak away from the office.   My stomach started growling around 12:30pm and I was starting to get a little cranky because I am starving.

I don’t know about you but when I am hungry I tend to turn into a slightly shorter version of the Hulk. My muscles have not ripped any shirts thus far but it is only a matter of time.

Well I was getting close to the “Hulk” stage when my coworker suggested Jimmy John’s.  She probably seen me turning green and my muscles swelling.  I had heard about Jimmy Johns online ordering system and how easy it was to use so we decided to check it out.

So we went on to their website at www.jimmyjohns.com and filled out our sandwich orders right online.   From their website we were able to pick out our toppings, sides order, drink and pay for it all with the click of a mouse. It was extremely simple and a quick.

Then no less than 20 minutes later a guy came running in to our office.  And no not because it was 40 degrees below zero it was a whooping 58 degrees.  He was running because they are “So Fast You’ll Freak”.  We freaked it was really fast.

The sandwich was delicious and made exactly how I had ordered it.   It was over all a great quick, easy and delicious lunch.   A perfect solution to a case of the “Hulks”.

Jimmy Johns is located in Beaver Ridge across the street for the MSU Campus at 1100 N Broadway.  You can look them up online at www.jimmyjohns.com or give them a call at  701-837-5898.


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