Live Positively-Vote for Oak Park


The Minot Community  is picking up their boots and pulling on their works gloves.  We are slowly but surely cleaning up the mess that the mouse river has left behind.   You can help with the clean up efforts in many different ways.  One of the quickest ways to help is to go on to Coca-Cola Live Positively website and vote for our very own Oak Park to win a $100,000 grant.  The gang at the Minot Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to say a huge Thank You to the Cincinnati Park Board for encouraging their voters to instead vote for our Oak Park.  It is truly an amazing gesture and we are forever grateful for their kindness.    Minot Oak Park is loved by so many people for all that is has to offer.  From the great walking/biking trails to the splash pad, playground and the newly added Magic Smiles playground for all children to enjoy.    Please help us as we reclaim the Magic of our fine city.  You can vote for Oak Park at  Live Positively.


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