Make a Stop at the Bagel Stop!

It is that awkward moment when you realize it is 11:00am and  you have been to busy to eat breakfast.   That was me this past Tuesday.  My stomach was growling and I couldn’t decide if I should  have breakfast or should I have lunch?  Well why can’t I have both!  Off to the Bagel Stop I went.

Their “KT” bagel sandwich was calling my name.   What is a “KT” sandwich you may ask?  Well it is a little slice of heaven all wrapped up in between your choice of a toasted bagel.  I personally recommend the Parmesan bagel but there is an array of other options that are sure to please you.  With tasty layers of sliced turkey, cheddar cheese, mayo, tomato and a little onion your first bite will keep you coming back for more. Complete your brunch with a side of potato chips a soft drink, Italian  soda or maybe one of their signature coffees and your day will instantly be improved.

The bagel stop is the perfect stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They have great sandwiches, sides, and drinks.   Top that with an  authentic atmosphere for a morning cup of coffee, studying for your finals (yikes those are coming up), or maybe a break from shopping with a great Italian soda.  Make sure to check out the Bagel Stop at 1701 South Broadway.  Make sure to check out their new Facebook page.

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