Minot’s Daily Bread – GRAND OPENING JULY 30TH

Minot’s Daily Bread is bringing a taste of Europe to Minot. Their high-quality, high-end baking will be a nice addition to the Minot community.

The owner, Rezi, is from Albania, which is on the west side of Greece. Since moving to the states she has lived in Miami, Philadelphia, and Manhattan. She moved to North Dakota with her husband and kids for work opportunities. Rezi has had a passion for baking her whole life, so she decided to make a living out of it.

The idea behind Minot’s Daily Bread is just that, freshly baked bread daily. Everything will be made by Rezi, in the store, every day. She believes in high-quality, which is why she has had her equipment shipped from different countries, the mixer is from Italy and the oven is from Germany. Her baking ingredients shipped from all over the world, but she believes in using all natural, minimal ingredients, with no preservatives. Rezi makes her sourdough by mixing water with flour and letting it sit overnight and then just adds salt to bake it.

Pecan Roll

Sourdough Bread


Their menu will consist of bread, croissants, rolls, crepes, paninis, pastries, desserts, espresso, and more. Everything baked is baked with love and you will be able to tell from the delicious flavors. There will be new things on the menu all the time, Rezi shows her creativity through her baking, and she comes up with new creations she wants her customers to try.



Minot’s Daily Bread is located at 1500 South Broadway in Minot. Rezi has put in a lot of work renovating the entire store, she even had floor tiles shipped in from Spain. The bakery has gotten a total makeover and is ready to see customers again. Minot’s Daily Bread has opened officially! You can learn more about them and see what they are baking on their Facebook page.

Floor Tiles from Spain


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