MSU Summer Theatre

MSU Summer Theatre is starting its 54th Season after first starting in 1971 with Tent Theatre and then moved into the current Amphitheatre where shows are still performed today.

A number of passionate individuals, including Tom Turner and Gordon B Olson (who is MSU library is named after), realized that the theatre was a need for Minot and put together a fundraising campaign to bring theatre to Minot every summer.  Since then, it has gone through a number of changes but has always been a place for the Minot community to find unique entertainment under the stars.

Every summer, 4-5 different productions are showcased at Summer Theatre. Generally, audiences will see three musicals and one comedy or farce.  On the stage, there is a mix of high school and college students, as well as community members, but also there are a few guest artists brought in to showcase their talents on the stage.  This mix of performers is unlike anything else seen in Minot. 

This summer’s season the MSU Summer Theatre will perform
Mamma Mia: June 12-17, Cash on Delivery: June 26-July 2, Big Fish: July 10-16, Beauty and the Beast: July 24-28, July 30-August 3. 

The Summer Theatre working on a new online ticket system that will allow people to purchase their tickets from our website.  Once that rolls out, it’ll be a simple matter of accessing the website.  However, you can still call their ticket line to make your reservations as well at 858-3228, starting May 30th. You can check out more about the MSU Summer Theatre on their Facebook.

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