Muchas Gracias Qdoba!

Another wonderful Thanksgiving has past and hopefully most of us have come out of our turkey comas.  You know the feeling I am talking about, the feeling of being so full you can’t dare to think to take another bite, but then someone mentions pie!  And you magically make room for one more slice.  Yeah that feeling!

My food coma finally passed this Wednesday and the all to familiar hunger in my belly started to rumble yet again.  I started feeling a little cranky when what to my wandering ears would hear “Feliz Navidad” on the radio.   The need for some Mexican food immediately  came over me.   With so many great Mexican restaurants in Minot how could I pick just one.

I had to make a decision and fast.  For this day my choice was Qdoba and all its fresh deliciousness.  I made my way to the counter and with so many choices there was a big decision to be made once again.  I went with the ground beef burrito.  (insert angel voices here)  The tortillas are so fresh and soft, and the beef is flavored just right.  Then come the toppings, oh the toppings that include multiple salsa choices,  fresh sour cream, and beans.  You name it, they got it.

I would also recommend chips and queso dip for a great compliment to anyone of their great entrees.

You can check out Qdoba at 1700 South Broadway.  If you are worried about what you will order worry no more.  Check out  Qdoba’s website on how and what to order here!

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