Remember Your Minot Story

You may have seen a few of our ads over the past year and they all carry the theme of “My Minot”.  When I thought of “My Minot” growing up I thought of shopping trips, State Class B Basketball and a trip to the North Dakota State Fair.  Now after living in Minot for five years I think of “My Minot” as barbecues in our backyard, or a trip to the Splash Pad and  of course the Roosevelt Park Zoo with my family.  If you are reading this blog I bet you have a “My Minot” story of your own. Whether you are a life time resident of Minot or maybe the Magic City is your favorite destination for your Holiday weekends.  This past week everyone’s  Minot story has had a new chapter added.   The muddy Mouse has found its way into the places we call home, into our  favorite places to visit, and even the place that we hold our backyard barbecues.   As the water slowly finds its way back insides its banks we hope you all keep those Minot memories close to your heart.  You are all a valuable piece to our Minot Story and we thank you for your continued support.


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  • Carla Williams
    Posted at 09:55h, 28 June

    My Minot as friends and family know is where I met the love of my life. While not affected directly (being dislocated), through this flood our family has become stronger. We are spending our time with loved ones who are dislocated and sharing our backyard with them to give them comfort as best we can through grilling out, spending time in the vegetable garden and enjoying our flowers. I didn’t grow up in Minot, but I have lived here for 10 years now and really have seen the people come together in good times and bad. This is the longest I have lived anywhere and so grateful for everything we do have. We’re looking forward to our marriage in the fall. The Magic of Minot…finding the love of your life and enjoying the great outdoors and the beauty of North Dakota with your best friend!

  • Suzie Baisch
    Posted at 15:38h, 28 June

    I grew up and Minot, and still go back often to see my parents and friends. There is a lot of things I love about this Magic City but the one thing I look forward to is driving down the 16th street hill and thinking that I’m “almost home.” I love Friday night bingo at the neighborhood pub (The Lamplighter) with my parents. I love attending church with my parents on Sunday (Zion Lutheran), and I love the Saturday night dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes with my family in our dining room.

    Growing up, I remember many summer days riding my bike to Oak Park Pool. I had a season pass and spent most days basking in the sun. Later, I worked at Roosevelt Pool and have many found memories of that as well. Though I can’t pinpoint a favorite, I have many found memories of Minot. I will have many more. The one thing I know I will miss the most is hanging out in my parent’s backyard – whether it was talking over a beer at night or visiting with the Minot Daily and coffee in hand in the morning. I know by pictures their deck and canopy are no longer there. Many life decisions and found memories were made at that very spot, and as the water travels back into it’s banks, I know that many more will be made. The one thing I know is, the landscape will never be the same. Minot really is the Magic City and it will find its Magic again.

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