Next stop — Outdoor adventure!

Minot will give you just enough outdoor fun to wake you up and get you that breath of fresh air you can only get from a natural setting away from a big city. Try one of the lakes or state park near Minot for camping, fishing or water sports or just hop on a trail right in the city for a hike or bike ride! That’s just a taste of the outdoor opportunities waiting for you.


But when you’ve scratched that itch, we have the creature comforts of new and newly remodeled hotels with all the modern amenities you’re looking for. Plus trendsetting restaurants, pubs and cafes you might not expect to find outside a metro area.

Those boots were made for hiking.

Those boots were made for hiking.


There are a multitude of campgrounds nearby and in Minot allowing for the exploration of the outdoors with shopping and dining amenities close by.


Get hooked! With an abundance of fishing spots surrounding Minot, including a vast variety of fish, we are sure you have got something to catch.


Kayaking access points neighboring Minot, allows for a fun day trip adventures with the luxury of not having to venture out too far.


Minot offers a variety of both off-road trails and paved trails for those of all experience levels to enjoy.


Enjoy the beauty of the Souris Basin by embarking on one of our scenic hiking trails located just minutes outside city limits.

Wildlife Viewing

Minot offers a vast array of wildlife viewing locations. With a multitude of wildlife refuges and premier viewing sites for all varieties of birding.

Come on in — The water’s fine!

Come on in — The water’s fine!