Outdoor Winter Activities

Although winter weather has slowly rolled in, there is still so much outdoor fun to be had. Don’t go stir crazy in your house, and get out breathe in the crisp winter air.  Listen to how calm nature is and embrace this breathtaking season.  Minot offers winter activities that cater to all ages, for many days full of family-fun. Within Minot, we encourage you to experience some of our favorite activities like sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tubing, and ice fishing. Within a short drive of the city,  you can find even more opportunities for these adventures, along with, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and downhill skiing.

Right inside city limits, you can find sledding or tubing downhill. Minot Parks grooms a designated sledding hill at the Souris Valley Golf Course for smooth riding on the toboggan which leads to good ol’ family-fun!  You can also view some of the additional locations to go sledding, tubing, or snowboarding right outside Minot on our website. Just an hour and a half outside Minot is the beautiful Bottineau Winter Park. Where you can find childing laughing as they tube down the hill, snowboarders catching air, and skiers cruising through the flags. The Bottineau Winter Park a great location for any type of adventure you are craving during your stay in the Magic City. The quick drive makes it a worthwhile trip! Please note any child under the age of 5 must tube with an adult for safety.  And did we mention the killer deal it is? For less than $20, you can rent a single tube, and play for 2 hours. We think this might just be a perfect way to tire out those stir crazy kiddos energies. *hint – all you parents out there* 😉

North Dakota is known for its vast amounts of lakes and rivers, that are full of monster fish like walleye and pike. Just because winter has hit, does not mean the fish aren’t biting. Grab your auger and head out to one of the many fishing spots for some good ol’ ice fishing. Make sure to plan ahead,  keep up with the most up to date information on the ice thickness and conditions to ensure your safety at all times. Don’t drive on the ice unless you know it’s thick enough! A local favorite location, just thirty minutes North of Minot is Lake Darling. This lake is part of the Upper Souris Wildlife Refuge and home to walleye, pike, yellow perch and you can even find smallmouth bass. So grab that clamshell, drill a hole, and drop a line. We know you will get hooked on our ice fishing.


Do you like long walks on a beautiful morning? Luckily here in Minot, you can take those beautiful morning walks that can be enjoyed year-round, all you have to do is change up your shoes. Swap out your sneakers for some snowshoes, toss on some warm gear, and head out for one of those beautiful walks you enjoy! With trails for snowshoeing right inside the city parks you can easily stay close to your hotel and a hot cup of cocoa. If you are looking for a change of scenery, or just want a longer walk for the day, we have many beautifully groomed trails just outside Minot, perfect for changing up your classic walking trail, and view the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature on skis.


Are you more of an adrenaline junkie? Got that need for speed? Then snowmobiling on some of the local trails is for you! Minot’s got a lot to offer, including 350 trails around the Magic City for you to enjoy! Unload your trailer at the Cenex north of Minot, gas up, and kick off a day of riding. The Cenex has access to several trailheads, making it the best location to start your ride.  Did we mention the unbelievable views you can see across almost all the trails surrounding Minot? Ride west during sunset to catch a sky full of colors. You can thank us later.

Do you want to channel your inner figure skater this winter?! OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, maybe just try it out for the first time! Luckily, Minot offers four outdoor skating places and even one indoor if it’s a little too chilly out for you. If you are heading out for a leisurely skating experience outside, check out the rinks at Corbett Field, Polaris Park, and Roosevelt School. If you are looking to bring some sticks and play some hockey, you’ll want to head over to the rinks located at Perkett, Polaris Park, and Roosevelt School. If the weather is a bit too cold for you to venture outside then the Maysa Arena is the perfect place for you to get on the ice.



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Private: Outdoor Winter Activities

Next stop — Winter Fun!

Minot will give you just enough outdoor fun to wake you up and get you that breath of fresh air you can only get from a natural setting away from a big city. Try one of the cross country trails or state park near Minot for snowshoeing, ice fishing or just hop on a snowmobile trail right in the city for a ride! That’s just a taste of the outdoor opportunities waiting for you.


But when you’ve scratched that itch, we have the creature comforts of new and newly remodeled hotels with all the modern amenities you’re looking for. Plus trendsetting restaurants, pubs and cafes you might not expect to find outside a metro area.

Those boots were made for snowshoeing.

Those boots were made for hiking.

Ice Fishing

You will have a reel-y good time! Minot has fishing year-round, including the winter months.

Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing

Trekking through snow to enjoy all of Minot’s winter wonderland is the perfect way to get out and explore.


One of the coolest things about snowmobiling in North Dakota is the unbelievable views you will see while trail riding.

Ice Skating

Glide, spin and skate your heart out.

Snow Tubing

Catch some air downhill on a snow gliding inner tube.

Downhill Skiing, & Snowboarding

Shred the gnar, family-tubing fun, or challenge yourself to downhill skiing.


Enjoy a Canadian Classic outdoor game.

Grab an auger – dig right in.

Come on in — The water’s fine!

Don’t Miss Out

Minot is ‘snow’ much fun!

Winter is a special season in North Dakota. The sun reflecting on the freshly fallen snow glistens as you look at it. The tracks of wildlife remind you of all the creatures that wander around the city. Bundle up, and celebrate this season by checking out Minot’s local parks or nearby snowshoeing trails to take in Nature’s beauty.

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