Pangea House

Pangea House exists to nurture our community through music, arts,
and education. It is a community center of sorts; owned
by no one, working at its best when contributed to and enjoyed by
all. It’s a place for community, inspirations, art, music,
Scrabble, hula hoops, Ghostbusters, root beer kegs, scavenger
hunts, tutoring, zines, pirates, Dance Dance Revolution, knitting
clubs, Food Not Bombs, fashion shows, themed dance parties,
photography critiques, and anything else that might strike YOUR
fancy. You name it, we play it, together.

Pangea House is a place for all of us and our “highfalutin” and
“unrealistic” dreams. It’s a place we go to celebrate people
while discovering potential passions within ourselves. Pangea
House is the birthplace of the magic in the Magic City! Just ask
Stardust…then you’ll know.

23 2nd Ave. SE (Basement Door on east side)
Minot, ND 58701

Address: Phone:

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