POEM Studio

Whatever you can imagine, POEM Studio can help make it a reality. They specialize in facilitating creativity – bringing art to people and people to art.

Consignment pieces available

POEM works both with businesses and guests on projects and also does consignment for local artists. Their online Amazon and Etsy shops provide template designs to be customized. Stop by their downtown location to view their ever-changing showroom. It is filled with consignment pieces and previous projects that may spark your creativity.

You can create your own design and bring it to life, make a project completely from scratch or personalize an existing piece. In every project, POEM is there to guide you to a finished piece that may be better than your imagination. They work with wood, steel, leather, glass, ceramics, and many more materials. Each tool in the shop is meant for certain materials and types of projects. Some examples of designs they’ve previously created include steel signs, 3D figures, cutting boards, and picture frames. The variety POEM offers is vastly important because it not only allows them to create a quality product, but also a product that accurately fits your vision.

Metal sign design

POEM is a subsidiary of Mandaree Enterprises, a group of businesses with distinct missions across the United States. Clarence O’berry, CEO, has been highly involved in this particular business. The logo was actually designed from his son’s hand. The name POEM was chosen to include everyone in the business because everyone matters. POEM is meant to be a place of inclusivity and creativity and they made sure the name embodied that. It is an avenue for art to come to life and it may be one of the first. Although other shops have similar technology and products, the extent of their capabilities and purpose behind the business make it truly one of a kind.

3D image booth

Examples of possible projects include bridal party presents, retirement gifts, gravestones, 3D images, and custom T-shirts. Amazon and Etsy orders normally take around 3-5 business days because there are fewer options for customization. Most other projects take around 5-10 business days. The lead time and price depends heavily on the design as a variety of materials and machines can be used.

POEM Studio is located at 36 3rd St. NE Minot, ND. Contact them for projects either by email, poemorders@mellc.co, or phone, 701-509-8466. Visit their website https://www.poemdesign.net/ for more information.


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