Pointe of View Winery

Pointe of View Winery is nestled just on the outskirts of Minot, in a picturesque setting surrounding by the beautiful plains of North Dakota. Pointe of View Winery was first established in 2002, being the first winery in the entire state of North Dakota.

Owners Jeff and Diana Peterson worked with the University of North Dakota to develop a strand of grapes that would be able to withstand the North Dakota winters. In conjunction with developing a variegated grape strand, Pointe of View also uses indigenous berries while creating their wine profiles.

Pointe of View winery offers FREE tastings and serve by the glass or bottle thereafter. Offering a tasting room on-site, which is a converted building already on the land once before. Their wine production space was also a building on the land that they had converted, so they were able to grow, harvest, press, and bottle their wine on-site. This is an important factor in ensuring the taste profiles are vivid, due to their freshness of the ingredients. They more recently created an outdoor space to enjoy, a beautifully made enclosed deck including seating and a fire pit. Want to enjoy more of the beautiful scenery? Pointe of View has created a hiking trail that surrounds the enclosed winery, winding through the forest below, all the way back around to the entrance. This allows us to fully take in the beauty the winery grounds have to offer.

Pointe of View Winery welcomes guests each year to help with their harvest before fall. Offering the unique opportunity for guests to work alongside their operation from harvest to pressing. The first step in the process begins with the harvest, by picking the grapes and removing extra foliage. From there participants will be able to learn the steps in the pressing process. As a conclusion for the hard work a banquet meal paired with the perfect glass of wine, ends the day of harvest.

To further the experience, Pointe of View Winery has recently begun dabbling in spirits, in which they have started developing liquor with similar taste profiles that are indigenous to North Dakota, specifically Minot. Developing very popular flavors included with their wines, into their spirits, specifically gin and vodka.

The Peterson’s daughter Sarah, recently started onsite honey production, bringing fresh and local honey to the tasting palate. Sarah’s honey is offered within the tasting room and also at the Minot Farmer’s Market, where Pointe of View Winery sells a select amount of their wine and spirits. Keep up to date with their Minot Farmer’s Market whereabouts on their Facebook page.

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