Soñe Spa

Let’s take a relaxing trip down to Soñe Spa (sone-yay). 

Soñe Spa is a holistic sanctuary for the mind and body and opened November of 2017, but the owner, Danerys, has been working as a massage therapist for over ten years. Before opening up the spa, she was working by herself for two years. Then she opened her unique spa in Minot, ND. I say unique because they offer services nobody else does in town, including Singing Bowl Therapy and Tea Tastings. Those are just two of the fourteen services they offer, along with traditional spa services such as massage therapy and facials.

Soñe Spa has special rooms for Hydrotherapy, Halotherapy, and Tea Tasting.  Hydrotherapy is when you lay in a twenty-six air jet tub with water, milk, and honey to release toxins from your body, along with rose petals and essential oils to make you feel completely relaxed while soaking away all the tension in your mind, body, and muscles.  Unclog your energy and rejuvenate yourself. 

Halotherapy is salt therapy and it helps to purify your skin, open your pores, and clear your sinuses. The salt they use is pharmaceutical grade healing salt, and it helps relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, head colds, bronchitis, COPD, and cystic fibrosis. Aside from health benefits, the halotherapy has helped alleviate anxiety and depression. The dry salt therapy is great for people who struggle with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Halotherapy releases negative ions and improves your mood. 

Tea Tasting is a unique service. Soñe Spa’s tea dispensary is filled with over 50 different types of loose teas imported from all over the world. They have “teas with a purpose” which are teas that help you feel better. If you can’t sleep, they have a tea for that. If you can’t wake up, they have a tea for that. They also have chai, fruit teas, matcha, and so many more. If you try a tea tasting, you get to try any four teas you want, and you can bring home your favorite. 

The Soñe Spa is all about positivity and making people feel better. As Spa Assistant, Kaeleigh said to me, “I’ve never had someone leave here in a bad mood.” They are focused on improving your mood, health, and overall well-being. If you haven’t been to Soñe Spa yet, I suggest you book your appointment today. You can visit their Facebook or website for more information.



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