State Fire School to be held in Minot

Minot ND-The ND State Fire School will be held in Minot on February 28- March 3, 2013. This year marks the 59th Annual State Fire School and the third year the event will be held in Minot.  The classes will take place at the North Dakota Fairgrounds, the Minot Fire Department Training Tower, the Holiday Inn Riverside and the Grand International.

The ND State Fire School brings in over 1,000 firefighters from across North Dakota and the bordering states.   The protocols followed at State Fire School provide cooperative training opportunities for fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services; therefore uniting the first responders so that as they respond to incidents; the chain of commands are in place to keep everyone safer under unknown risks that they face in the reaction to the incident.

North Dakota Firefighters Association strives to encourage fire safety awareness that promotes firefighter health and safety.  With the current infrastructure of North Dakota in relation to the different energy, agricultural, and hazardous chemicals; it is vital to work with updating North Dakota’s firefighters that serve the state and its citizens.  The firefighters are one of the state’s most important assets.

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