Time goes By and By at the Dakotah Rose B&B

In 1906, Minot was just 23 years old. After the creation of the Great Northern Railroad, the Magic City had sprouted up seemingly overnight and became a thriving city. Living in the boomtown was Addie Carr and her husband Dr. Andrew Carr Sr.–who was one of North Dakota’s earliest medical specialists. Dakotah Rose B&B

The Carr’s were one of the most prominent families during the era, and being inside their once home makes it easy to imagine that you are a member of the Carr family. The house is one of the few testaments of how wealthy North Dakotans lived during the Minot’s prime.

The large home was designed by a Minot architect by the name of William Zimmerman, whose design aspiration for the Carr home was to marry the victorian style homes of the past with the classical style that was popular in the city at the time.

The current owners and operator’s of the Dakotah Rose are Jim and Carol Carr, who sadly say there is no relation between their family and the original Carr family of the home.

Dakotah Rose B&B

Carol Carr said the Dakotah Rose hosts people from all over the world, and says their guests are those who want something different that another hotel.

Carr said each B&B has it’s own style and has something different to offer, and the Dakotah Rose’s most special attributes are the wood work, beautiful grounds and the porch.

The 8,000 square foot home sits on one and a half acres of beautiful property, with a lush garden and grand gazebo. The immaculate riverfront property 6 unique bedrooms, four private baths, (two share a bath), cable and internet, a full breakfast, cookies, beverages and dinner is available by reservation.Dakotah Rose B&B

The house has a parlor, tearoom, library, music room and a porch that wraps around the home. Also inside the home are old-timey quirks that simply beg to be explored.  To get a sense of the affluence of the Carr family, you can find the butler stair case, butler’s bells on each floor, and you can even stay in the butler’s quarter’s on the top floor.

You can find tiffany stained glass windows in the home, and the house also has much of the original flooring and wood work– though some was destroyed in the 2011 flood.

Hidden in the upstairs music room is a chest of dress-up clothes that are from the house’s era. The Dakotah Rose often hosts Children’s Dress up Tea Party’s, where kids can come and get a historical taste of Minot.Dakotah Rose B&B

The Dakotah Rose hosts other occasions as well such as weddings, receptions, high teas, lunches, dinners, and themed picnic basket dates.

To get an authentic feel of the Magic City, stay at the Dakotah Rose Bed and Breakfast: located at 510 4th Avenue NW.


You can book online at www.dakotahrose.com, or call 701.838.3548.

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