We are in it together


As Minot is experiencing for the most devastating flood in the history of the city, know that we are not alone in this fight. Surrounding communities, and our neighbors to the north  in southern Saskatchewan are dealing with the highest water in recorded history.  It is the job of our communities to remember we are in this together.   It is a time for us to lift each other up and stand together in this fight. We will be resilient, hard-working, calm under pressure, and above all willing to fight until the end. We are in it together.

Wendy Howe Minot CVB Executive Director says, “Minot has had a long time friendship with Canada and specifically Saskatchewan and we hope this will continue for many years to come.  We as a community understand that this is not the fault of the country of Canada nor its people.  This is a situation that has been created by mother nature and the leadership on both sides of the border have done all they can to manage it and prepare for it.  We in Minot will continue to roll out the red carpet for our friends to the north and welcome you to our community.  We feel for you as much as we do ourselves as we know your communities and rural areas are being affected by this water as much as we are.”

We often get asked in the visitor center “How did Minot get the nickname the Magic City?  Minot became known as the Magic City during the time the railroad was being built.  People say that the city sprang up so fast it was like Magic.  There will be a long, tough road ahead but the people of Minot will prevail and come back stronger than ever before.  All we need is each other and maybe a little touch of Magic.



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